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Music is my boyfriend


Die Musik drückt das aus,
was nicht gesagt werden kann
und worüber zu schweigen unmöglich ist.

Victor Hugo


.30 seconds to mars ♥
.3 doors down
.4lyn ♥
.50 cent

.a fire inside ♥
.aiden ♥
.angels and airwaves
.aphex twins
.avril lavigne

.beatsteaks ♥
.benny benassi ♥
.billy talent
.black eyed peas
.blind guardian
.bloodhund gang
.bob marley
.böhse onkelz ♥
.breaking benjamin
.bullet for my valentine

.chemical brothers
.children of bodom
.culcha candela

 .da rude
.daily terror
.dashboard confessional ♥
.devil driver
.die ärzte ♥
.die toten hosen
.donots ♥
.dragon force
.drop kick murphys

.ennio morricone
.enter shikari
erik satie

.fallout boy ♥
.flogging molly ♥
.foo fighters
.fort minor
.franz ferdinand
.from autumn to ashes
.funeral for a friend

.gigi d'agostino
.goldfisch ♥
.goo goo dolls
.green day

.heaven shall burn

.ill niñjo
.in extremo ♥
.in flames
.incubus ♥ 

.james blunt
.justin timberlake ♥

.kat tun
.kid rock

.lenny kravitz
.linkin park ♥

.madsen ♥
.machine head
.mando diao ♥.
me first and the gimme gimmes
.my chemical romance ♥

.nelly furtado
.no submission


.panic at the disco
.papa roach ♥
.pearl jam
.petsch moser

.queens of the stoneage ♥

.rammstein ♥
.red hot chilli peppers
.reel big fish

.samsas traum
.schandmaul ♥
.slipknot ♥
snow patrol
.sportfreunde stiller
.stone sour ♥
.subway to sally
.system of a down ♥

.taking back Sunday
.the killers ♥
.the kooks
.the subways
.the used
.three days grace ♥

.unheilig ♥

.vnv nation

.white stripes
.wise guys

.yann tiersen


Rouqe in Hall
[jonas goldbaum, goldfsich, vacuum flascs, insecure, coincidence]

[tokio hotel, luttenberger&klug]

15.06.2007 – 17.06.2007
Nova Rock
[30 seconds to mars, across the delta, aiden, apoptygma berzerk, billy talent, the bosshoss, children of bodom, chimaira, iamx, the dykeenies, clawfinger, devil driver, donots, dragon  force, drowning pool, editors, excuse me moses, flogging molly, fotos, frank black, hardcore superstar, hayseed dixie, h-blockx, the hives, ill niño, in extremo, in flames, in this moment, incubus, isis, johnossi, the killers, less than jake, linkin park, lordi, machine head, mando diao, marilyn manson, mastodon, me first and the gimme gimmes, negative, papa roach, pearl jam, reel big fish, sarah bettens, slayer, stone sour, therapy?,  the smashing pumpkins, the staggers, sunrise avenue, under the influence of giants, within temptation]

Donau Symposium
[mondscheiner, opus]

Roque in Hall
[petsch moser, streetwaves, the lullabies, no head on my shoulders, motherfunkers, rayjam]

SEM!BREAK festival
[afrob, 3 feet smaller, großstadtgeflüster, herbstrock, dj friction, mc sinista, skywalker]